Currently playing sessions under the 4th Edition rule set.
Starting area is based off of the pre-set campaign in 4th Edition. This has been expanded to include entirely home-brew areas.
The history and lore of the world is entirely home-brew.
The Gods, planes, magic, and technology is primarily based off of 4th Edition, 3.5 Edition, and Pathfinder settings but has been added with several home-brew elements.
The world is a lower-magic setting than described in the standard setting but is still considered high-fantasy.
Many story elements are fairly standard for the setting but it does contain elements of morality and politics.
The world uses a standard 24 hour day, 7 day week, and 12 month year.
Every 1000 years in the world is considered a “Cycle.” At specific times in a cycle, planes and Astral bodies may align and a variety of magic effects can occur. Currently, Torathis is in it’s 30th recorded Cycle.
Dates are written by their Cycle, separated by the specific year within the Cycle.